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The Pillars of Pack Leadership Academy is Alyson Rodges signature online dog training course. It is a comprehensive Academy with 9 categories, 30+ videos, and all the support you need to succeed. 

Can't get to Aly's Acres for training? This is everything Aly trains to the dogs that attend her in-person camp. 

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So much good stuff at Aly's Puppy Boot Camp!

Not only has Aly and her team put together the Pillars of Pack Leadership Academy, Aly's signature online dog training course. Alyson also has in-person training, a book, trained dogs for sale and so much more. Visit for more info.

Trained Dogs for Sale

Trained dogs for sale will have the following skills: off leash reliable and come when called, proficient in all basic obedience, walk nicely on a leash has the skills necessary to pass the AKC Canine Good Citizens Test, has the skills necessary to pass the Therapy Dogs International test, house trained, crate trained and able to travel well in a car.

Aly's Book

Alyson Rodges’ Pillars of Pack Leadership is your practical guide to living life with your dog in a safe sane and civilized way. This book will walk you through the things you need to know before you even start training your dog. It guides you through each of Aly’s Pillars of Pack Leadership.


In-Person Training

Want the majority of training done for you?  Get your dog to us at Aly's Acres in beautiful Arroyo Grande, CA.  Your dog will spend 2-3 weeks working hard to learn a calm state of mind along with the all the basic commands. Take a look at our training options. 

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